Logistics support

From the team point of view, this camp is also a great opportunity to learn together how to manage a gathering of several hundreds of people on a field with little infrastructure.
We believe that our collective intelligence and each and everyone’s skills will help us to overcome all the obstacles we might have to face, even if we don’t have any experience regarding this kind of events.

The  building and the disassembly stages will indeed become moments of sharing, mutual learning, friendliness and fun. More precisely, these moments will entail the pitching of ‘SNJ’ & circus tents, the placement of decorations and signs in and around the camp, collective cooking, lavatory setting-up, wood works such as bench-making, and/or the transportation of all sorts of material (by the way, we are still looking for people used to driving vans, or even people who have a type C driving licence) and others…

Material-wise, we’re still looking for:    

  • Solar panels which would be used to partially generate the electricity on the camp
  • Bistro outdoor tables & benches,
  • A mobile wood oven for pizzas & bread
  • Vans that could be lent, or people who would be eager to make one or more journeys with their vehicle.
  • A big trailer to lend,
  • A whole lot of tools, do not hesitate to bring your own on the camp!
  • Valid & control-approved extinguishers.

As you can see, we’re always looking for energy and good will to strengthen our group. Do not hesitate to fill in this form if you wish to give us a hand or to contact us by emailing this address for further information: climatejusticecampbe@riseup.net.

By clicking on this link, you will get all the forms needed in order to correctly organize the camp. Please make sure to take the time to carefully complete them (approx. 2 minutes) so that we can accurately estimate the amount of people who will be there (for a better organization of the workshops and the cooking) 

Thank you very much and see you very soon 🙂

The CJC logistics team