Who are we ?

Following several actions and meetings on climate issues, a group of people from different struggles gathered to organize a new camp in Belgium about climate justice issues from the 9th to the 12th of September 2021.

Why ?

  • To meet and gather our forces, to have fun and make the movement grow!
  • To share and learn about climate justice and the different struggles against capitalism and other oppression systems : patriarchy, racism and colonialism, cis-heteronormativity, validism, class domination / classism, speciesism and interrogate our privileges.
  • To train and think about the strategies to use in our struggles.

What is planned ?

The program is under construction, but to get a general idea about the kind of workshops you can expect, you can find the program of the previous year here. You can also find some information about the ways to prepare yourself.

How can you participate ?

  • Spread the word !
  • Inform yourself about the conclusions of the « Shape The Camp! »
  • Organize the camp with us : we have meetings every two weeks approximately and working groups (communication, location, logistics, finances…), you can also help us by supporting us logistically or financially.

You’re a journalist?

We kindly ask you to present yourself at at the entrance when you arrive.

Feel free to contact us via facebook or e-mail at climatejusticecampbe@riseup.net

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