Even though the idea is not to give you a full map of the camp, this section will give you some information on the type of infrastructure you will find on the camp.


The camping space will be in a quiet zone, far from the stage and the activities of the camp. It will include spaces for families and PRM. If you can not camp, we have some camp beds available indoor. If it is your case, please reach us at to let us know.


There will be a kitchen space, where the Kokerellen collective will prepare delicious vegan meals for us on free donations (the real cost being 7€/person/day, but everyone can participate according to their means). If you have allergies, please inform us via this form. The Acatmobile collective will also do us the honour to bake bread everyday!


There will be two bars, one for soft beverage and one for beers. The beer bar will be a bit far away from the stage and we would like to kindly ask everyone consuming alcohol to do it there (and only there). We would like to remind you that the camp is first and foremost a space for exchange and empowerement, and not a big party or a festival (even though there will be festive moments with concerts and DJs).

Getting together in caucuses

There will be several caucuses on the camp (including a space for BPOC, LGBTQIA+, Feminist, people with disabilities). Two tents will be dedicated to the creation of other caucuses if needed and another one for different communities to meet-up and exchange. We kindly ask the people who are not concerned to respect the non-mixed feature of these spaces.


There will be a quiet zone for people wishing to rest, think, meditate etc.

Toilets & Showers

There will be toilets and showers (with a changing space and mirrors) for the people who are planning to stay several days!