Soutien logistique

On site

What should I put in my bag? How should I prepare myself for the camp? How can I get to the camp by public transport or by bike? What principles are at the heart of the camp? What infrastructures will there be on-site? Is the camp accessible for me? This part aims to answer these questions.

You will find here the agreements and the principles on which the camp is based. These agreements are very important because they are made to make the camp the safest possible for everyone.

You can click here to find a brief overview of the camp infrastructure. It is all the more relevant for the people who intend to stay several days.

You can click here to find more about what we thought about in order to make the camp more accessible.

You will find here the registration link, as well as an indicative packing-list and some readings that could be interesting for you.

And if you want to know more about the ways to join the camp by bike or public transport, you should definitely click here.