• Climate Justice Camp 2020!

    We’re super excited to announce that the Climate Justice Camp is back for its 2nd edition 🔥

    Join us from September 3th to 6th in Brussels to follow up on last year’s discussions and dig even deeper into the Climate and Ecological Justice issues.

    Once again we will try to explore how climate and social issues relate to one another and why they’re inseparable. Expect again discussions and workshops on anti-racism, decolonization, feminism, LGTBQI+ rights, ableism, anti-capitalism, and systemic dominations at a broader scale.

    More information such as program and location will follow soon. As you know, the Covid-19 has a huge impact on all public events, we are currently exploring ways to still be able to make it happen while providing a safe environment for all.

    Stay tuned and take care 🧡

  • The camp is already soon!

    Get ready ! The Climate Justice Camp is on tracks and coming soon !
    This summer will be held a camp powered by activists from different struggles, and by many groups and communities from Brussels, Wallonia, Flanders and above.

    Why don’t we focus only on “Climate” ?
    We claim that climate justice issues are definitely linked to capitalism and oppression systems : patriarchy, racism and colonialism, cisheteronormativity, class domination, validism, speciesism… We want to question and dismantle them, at the same time as we find solutions to the climate crisis.
    After a series of open discussions named “Shape The Camp !”, aimed to take into consideration the diversity of our situations and backgrounds, we feel ready to move forward.

    What’s planned ?

    • debates
    • workshops
    • action trainings
    • non-mixed groups (caucus) and discussions
    • general meetings
    • concerts
    • shows
    • physical and creative activities
    • => suggestions welcome : Do not hesitate to propose them to us!

    When, Where, How ?

    • Wednesday 4th to Sunday 8th September 2019
    • In a field (with acces to a solid shelter if needed) in Gooik, at 20km from Brussels. Accessible by public bus from Brussels.
    • Self-organized | Free donation | Children friendly
    • During the camp, you’ll also find : translations, Support/Safe Area, medics, vegan and local food, toilets/showers, info points, childcare… And all of this is possible thanks to your help ! So if you’re interested, please join the team 🙂

    Whatever your means, whatever your needs, please feel welcome and do not hesitate to contact us before, during or even after the camp if we can do anything to enhance your experience ♥

    And to make sure you do not miss any, register for our Facebook event!

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