Covid Measures

We want everyone to be able to participate in the camp. This means taking collective measures to protect everyone’s health to make the camp as accessible as possible.

What are we asking of you?

At the camp we propose a couple of rules to limit the risks related to the global Covid pandemic:

  • All persons over 12 years of age are asked to wear a mask that covers their nose and mouth
  • You can take off the mask when eating, drinking or smoking, in the designated zones (so not in the workshops, movie screenings, …)
  • Please don’t come to the camp if you’re showing symptoms of a potential Covid infection

What are we doing?

We will provide following precautions ourselves:

  • Surgical masks will be available for those who have none
  • We will provide disinfectant gel at the entrance, bar, toilets and eating areas
  • The eating area has a very high ceiling, we’ll also space out the tables
  • We will ventilate the areas as much as possible

Why these measures?

Not everyone has an equal access to healthcare and vaccines and people face an unequal exposure to the risks of Covid. Those who are more at risk are disproportionately from marginalised groups, for example:

  • Some people have a medical condition that increases the risk of complications or prevents them from getting vaccinated
  • Older people are more at risk than younger people
  • Some families live in small housing, making it impossible to quarantine if one member of the family gets infected
  • Marginalised groups are overrepresented in “essential jobs” such as factories, cleaning, retail, public transportation, … which face higher chances of Covid exposure
  • Discrimination in housing, education, employment etc. can lead to chronic and toxic stress, and shapes social and economic factors that put some people from racial and ethnic minority groups at increased risk
  • Some people cannot afford taking time off work to get vaccinated
  • Not everyone has been properly informed by the government communication that’s mostly aimed at a white middle class audience
  • Discrimination in the medical field (e.g. because of fatphobia, racism, …) makes some people less likely to seek medical help

Because we don’t want to ask people to disclose personal medical information such as their vaccination status or a negative PCR test, we’re asking everyone (aged 12 and older) to wear a mask covering their nose and mouth to prevent potential Covid transmission as much as possible.