This section will give you some information on the type of infrastructure you will find on the camp.

The location

The camp will take place in a building in Brussels. Most activities will take place on the ground floor, with the possibility of moving every activity to the ground floor to ensure everyting is accessible for people with reduced mobility.


There is no sleeping possible at the location. If you need a place to sleep, send us a mail on


There will be a kitchen space, where the Kokerellen collective will prepare delicious vegan meals for us on free donations (the real cost being 7€/person/day, but everyone can participate according to their means). The Acatmobile collective will also do us the honour to bake bread everyday!


(will be updated)

Getting together in caucuses

There will be several workshops on the camp limited to specific groups (including a space for BIPOC, LGBTQIA+, Feminist). Unfortunately and unlike last year these spaces won’t be permanent, because of a lack of space. Keep an eye on the programme to see when these workshops will take place.

We kindly ask the people who are not concerned to respect the non-mixed feature of these spaces.


There will be a quiet zone for people wishing to rest, think, meditate etc.

Toilets & Showers

There will be toilets, including wheelchair-accessible ones. As there’s no possibility to sleep at the location there will be no showers this year.