Financial support

Organising a climate justice camp costs money. No matter how much we might want it differently, we’re still living in a world where capitalism takes up a lot of space and getting things done without money takes a lot more effort than the capacities of our volunteers can carry.

So, where do we get our money from? 

We got some donations from foundations. This year Mycelium has confirmed they want to support the camp. We’re still looking for other donors.

But it’s not only big organisations who help us out: you can help as well with a free contribution. As you can see below: the budget is a bit tight, so your contributions would be very much appreciated. If you already want to contribute now, here are our bank account details:   

Climate Justice Camp Belgium    

BE07 9733 7075 6666    


How do we spend that money?

All the members of the Climate Justice Camp are volunteers, but we want to be able to fairly compensate all the speakers, the sign language translators and the artists who will perform, especially because most of them come from a marginalized background and are too often asked to work for free in other events. Obviously this should be added to other costs such as material rental, communication costs, a contribution to the place that will host us, ect.

The food is a separate budget. The kitchen crew of Kokerellen cook based on free donations, but if the donations don’t cover their actual operating costs, we’ll chip in to make sure they don’t make a loss at the camp (which goes into the unforeseen costs budget post mentioned above).