Get involved during the camp !

Do you have a little bit of free time at the beginning of September? From September 6 to 9, we will be on-site and we will need help to build the camp, make sure everything runs smoothly, and dismantle the camp.We are looking for people who would be willing to help us to pitch tents & circus tents, to set up stages, to cook, to make wooden constructions etc. All of this in a friendly atmosphere. There is no experience needed, each of us will be here to learn and we will help each other.

🎪 From September 6 to 9, we are looking for people who could help us to build the camp! There will be food and lots of fun!

🎪 From September 9 to 12, the camp will be self-managed, which means that everyone can give a hand at one time or another (to the kitchen, the interpretation, to clean the toilets/showers, to welcome participants, to support the logistics team etc.).

The tasks will be distributed everyday and each and everyone can register (or not) for one of these. If you already know that you would like to dedicate a bit of your time to camp life (and/or join one of our upcoming teams – awareness, security, childcare, communication etc.), please let us know!

🎪 From September 13 to 14, we are also looking for people who would help us to dismantle the camp. There will be a basic infrastructure, so that people can dismantle the camp with joy and in a good mood!

You would like to help us to build and dismantle the camp? Please let us know by mail ( or through Facebook messenger! Looking forward to seeing you there!